construction 8-strand braided (4x2) - L
diameter 40 - 96 mm
circumference / inches 5" - 12"
strength / kg 42 000 – 221 190
strength / kN 412 - 2 170
TITAN – an advanced braided composite 8-strand rope with one of the highest tensile strengths on the market. The basic material of the rope is a mixture of Polys and high-tenacity polyester fibres. High-tenacity polyester multifilament fibres on the surface of the rope strands increase abrasion resistance, resistence to warming-up of the rope surface with subsequent melting of surface fibres and resistance to UV degradation in which way the total service life of the rope is prolonged. TITAN is very pleasant to the feel and easy spliceable. TITAN is made in compliance with the new standard for composite ropes, EN 14686, and will find its application especially as a towing line and for offshore needs. Its very high tensile strength in comparison with standard ropes allows to use ropes with smaller diameters which require less storage space. In addition, the rope exhibits better handling properties in both dry and wet conditions. All ropes are tested in accordance with EN 919 and OCIMF guidelines.

Basic characteristics:

  • One of the strongest 8-strand composite ropes on the world market
  • Certifications according to Lloyd´s Register and Germanischer Lloyd
  • Rope meets the requirements of the new standard for composite ropes, EN 14686
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • The rope is approved according to OCIMF for applications on tankers


  • towing ropes
  • offshore ropes
  • ropes for tankers


  • spliced with eyes
  • special stable packaging of bunde


  • standard coils 200 m and 220 m long, other lengths by agreement