Anchorage Points



Eye plate for welding to flat surfaces, complete with welding lugs, Gr 8 material, high tensile, adjustable through 180°.
3000kg MBS

VRS-M 12

High tensile threaded eyebolt, higher capacities per thread size when compared with BS eyebolts, adjusts & rotates to direction of pull, simple fitting - no tools required.
2000kg MBS


Omni directional lashing point, compact design, easy fitting, rotates to the angle of pull.
2000kg MBS


Drop forged Gr 8 material, suitable for welding on edges, adjusts through 270°, load from any angle.
3200kg MBS


Ring Bolt ready for welding, welding lugs ensure optimum weld, adjustable through 180°, available with spring to prevent "rattle"
3000kg MBS


Lashing ring with trough, Flush fixing for vehicle decks.
6000kg MBS


Bolt on hook with mounting plate. For use with Delta end fittings, or suitable chain.
6000kg MBS


Weld on hook. For use with Delta end fittings, or chain.
6000kg MBS


Lashing hook with trough. Flush fixing for vehicle decks.
6000kg MBS

Drop forged lashing attachments. Break Strength tested in accordance with EN 10204-3. 1. IB (DIN 50049).

Lashing force can be applied in any direction to all fittings without loss of strength. Subject to correct original fitting method. Detailed specification brochure available on request.