Lashing Winch Systems


A5 SS Storage Winch
4000kg MBS

Maintenance-free stainless steel bushes. Spring loaded release latch. Tensioned b/ ratchet spanner or tommy bar.

WN004 Tensioning Winch 4000kg MBS

Compact size, spring loaded latch.

WN001 Storage Winch 4000kg MBS

Stores up to 10 metres.

01812/6 Tensioning Winch 4000kg MBS

Non-storage type winch. Tensioned by ratchet spanner or Tommy bar.

01827 Storage Winch 4000kg MBS

Stores up to 12 metres. Separate Tommy Bar.

08TB3 Tommy bar

Available cranked or straight. Length 500mm.

01912 Ratchet Spanner


Available in 4000 - 5000 kg MBS versions.