Flatbeds, Drop Sides and Curtain Sliders


Powerful tensioning - Controlled release

The Latest in load control technology. High load tensioning ratchet with pull down action and step-by-step relase - features only available from the new ErgoABS.

ABS controlled ratchet system

20050 Ergo ABS Plus Ratchet
LC2500daN (5000kg MBS)

Controlled release reduces the risk of accidents!

on a conventional ratchet the load may spring free as the webbing is released. The patented ABS-System now makes it possible to safely release the load by controlling the tension release and making adjustments accordingly.

The new ergonomic design of the ratchet reduces the risk of back injury during tensioning.


5000kg Ratchet system

20020 ABS Ratchet LC2500daN (5000kg MBS)

Eliminate the dangers associated with snap release mechanisms - specify our unique ABS ratchet controlled release system.

ErgoABS load control

Higher pre-tension, Patented progressive release. 'Easi Grip' handle and Transport lock with wide handle ratchet system

01857 Wide Handle Ratchet 5000kg MBS

  • Long wide handle easy to use.
  • Transport lock.

01827 Storage winch 4000kg MBS

  • Rugged construction, stores up to 12 metres.
  • Separate tommy bar