Box Vans and Internal Restraint Straps


01138 - Basic Overcentre Buckle, 750kgs MBS

Available in various materials/finishes. (Refer to flatbeds).

01148 - Locking Overcentre Buckle, 2000kgs MBS

Low profile, spring loaded locking trigger
Cam Buckle


01154 - 50mm Cam Buckle, 750kgs MBS

Durable steel frame.

01150 - Heavy Duty Overcentre Locking Buckle, 2000kgs MBS

Strong frame, bolt on fixed part for quick change.


Heavy Duty Ratchet
01806 - Heavy Duty Ratchet, 3000 kgs

Rugged design, short handle.

01805 - Medium Duty Ratchet, 2000kgs MBS

Easy to use, wide handle. Ideal box van tensioner.