Systems for Leisure and Light Industrial

Two part ratchet lashing

01802 Lightweight Mini Ratchet 500kg MBS

25mm webbing Blue epoxy coated over zinc plated finish.
Lightweight Mini Ratchet


Today, the need for secure fastenings goes further than heavy industrial use.

To cater for the growing leisure market, we have used our vast expertise to develop a whole range of quality restraint equipment including:

  • Boat trailer lashing assemblies
  • Boat trailer winch straps
  • Roof rock straps
  • Motorcycle tie-downs
Lightweight Mini Ratchet

01861 Lightweight Mini Ratchet - 500kg MB

25mm wide webbing, stainless steel.

Lightweight Mini Ratchet




01805 Medium duty ratchet - 2000kg MBS

  • 50mm wide webbing
  • Wide handle
  • Easy to use
Lightweight Mini Ratchet


01152 Cambuckle 500 kg MBSLightweight Mini Ratchet

  • 25mm wide webbing
  • Simple pull through action
  • Zinc Alloy stainless steel pin.



01155 Cambuckle 200 kg MBS

  • 25mm wide webbing.
  • Simple pull through action Zinc alloy.
  • Stainless steel pin.