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3. The website regulations are subject to change from time to time and it is your obligation to keep updated on the regulations whenever entering to the website.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

1. The website was built and is operated by the Company and is intended to present its services and additional information in the Company's various areas of activity to potential customers and surfers interested in these issues. What is stated on the website does not constitute any liability of the Company.
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2. Should not want the Company to collect information through the use of "cookies", you can change the settings in the browser you use, delete existing "cookies", prevent the creation of "cookies" or create an option according to which disclosure of any "cookie" file will give you the option to agree or refuse the creation of such a file.

Warranty and Limitation of Liability

1. The Company disclaims responsibility for activities of surfers on its website that were done illegally and / or with the intention of inflicting damage to the website or to other surfers using it.
2. The Company will make every effort to operate the website properly, but does not undertake that the service on it will not be impeded by technical problems such as hardware and / or software malfunctions and / or interruptions in the connection to the Internet.
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5. The law applicable to anything related to this website is the Israeli law only.
6. In any case of dispute, the courts of the Haifa District shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to hear the claim.


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